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Teach for us


Global CPE is seeking talented and energetic speakers and authors for various CPE and CFP programs, including multi-day seminars, conferences, webinars, self study courses, and in-house corporate training.

Study fields include accounting, auditing, corporate finance, computer applications and technology, ethics, estate and financial planning, government and nonprofit, management and human resources, and  taxes.

Speakers and authors should have a proven track record of being a strong presenter of technical guidance for CPAs. Individuals must be current in their field of expertise. Or, if applicable, current on Accounting and Auditing industry standards and pronouncements or the Internal Revenue Code. Live Speakers for seminars, conferences, and webinars also must be willing to travel.

If you are interested in teaching for Global CPE, please complete the questionnaire below. After we’ve reviewed your materials, we’ll contact you if we believe your experience and skills could be a good fit for us.

Application to Teach for Global CPE

In addition to filling out the application form, please upload a copy of your resume and a video sample of a live presentation, webinar, or sample chapters of a self-study course you’ve written.


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