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We are the Industry's Leading CPE Provider

Global CPE has been providing convenient, cost-effective Continuing Education for over 15 years. We have some of the highest rated speakers and authors in the industry. Our courses are always current with all the latest developments in the tax and accounting industry.

Our courses are produced to provide both the public and private industry CPA a complete CPE curriculum. All of our courses are NASBA approved, and written and produced in accordance with the AICPA and offered in multiple formats including live seminars, live and on demand webinars, printed self-study books, online self-study eBooks, downloadable Mp3 audio books, and online video courses. 

OnDemand CPE WebinarsⓇ

24/7 Live OnDemand WebinarsⓇ (no exams)

All of our OnDemand CPE Webinars® are accredited as Live Group Study. Our OnDemand CPE Webinars® are produced in accordance with NASBA and the AICPAs Standards. Join one of our innovative OnDemand Webinars 24/7 365 and engage with our knowledgeable and expert live moderators. Global CPE is your exclusive provider on Live OnDemand CPE Webinars®. This is simply put, the Best and Easiest method to achieve your mandatory requirements.

Join Our Team of Instructors

Are you ready to share your in-depth knowledge and experience with others? Global CPE is currently seeking talented speakers and authors for multi-day conferences, accounting and tax update seminars, webinars, self-study courses, and in-house training events.

Our instructors lead the industry in their field of expertise, and thrive on presenting today's professionals with practical examples and hands-on application of current and trending topics. 

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