Max Test Drive How to Tune Up your Thinking

Max Test Drive How to Tune Up your Thinking
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  • Credits:  3
  • Format: Interactive Self Study Video-
  • Field of Study: Personnel | Human Resources
  • Author/Speaker: Michael Morgan Jr.

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Advanced Preparation:None
Experience Level:Basic
Program Prerequisites:General Understanding of Working Under Pressure
Course ID:MMJR-100.23-SV
Published Date:Registered for 2023
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Are you studying for a necessary certification or licensure exam like the CPA Exam? Are you under pressure at work and hoping to maximize your ability to provide high-quality services to your clients or outperform your competition? Or perhaps you are concerned you are getting a little older and cannot keep up with the pace of work you used to? This course offers knowledge, skills, and awareness of evidence-based practices to improve mental performance. The material is organized around important cognitive science theories to demonstrate how physiological, environmental, and psychological factors influence ones, mental faculties. By the end of this lecture, you will know practical steps you can take to facilitate greater concentration, memory performance, and decision-making abilities. This is a course on the application of psychological research to the functioning of mental abilities in everyday life.

Course Summary: The course provides a broad knowledge of biological, environmental, and psychological determinants of human intellectual performance.

Course Outline:
  • Introduction
  • The Biology of Performance
  • The Environment for Performance
  • The Psychology of Performance
  • Conclusion

Learning Objectives:

After reading the course material, you will be able to:

  • Describe psychological theories related to cognitive performance such as the Zone of Maximal Performance
  • Identify 2-3 biological factors they can address to improve mental functioning
  • Analyze whether an environment is conducive to optimal performance
  • Develop a psychological toolkit that supports learning
  • Create interpolated self-quizzes to maximize gist retention and recall

Who Should Attend:
  • This course was created for individuals who engage in mentally demanding work or preparation for some form of high-pressure mental performance situation (e.g., licensure examinations).
  • Individuals who complete this course will acquire knowledge, skills, and awareness of actionable steps at their disposal to improve their mental performance.
  • Anyone/Everyone can benefit from this knowledge.

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