Avoiding Boomer Bust: Effective Life Planning for American Baby Boomers

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Interactive Self Study NONE NONE Accounting
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Overview  CM-305.19 3

Colleen Neuharth McClain, CPA

Avoiding Boomer Bust: Effective Life Planning for American Baby Boomers 

Course Description: 
This chapter sketches a profile of the generation represented by Americans born from 1946 through 1964: baby boomers. After an overview of how today’s middle-aged Americans are changing the stereotypes of the work world, personal lifestyles, and family homelife, this chapter explores the possible—perhaps even probable—financial and lifestyle shortfalls boomers may encounter.

The causes of the boomers’ dilemma, which are explored in Chapter 2—are many, and the approaches to prevent financial, emotional, and personal trauma will not be simple;

Chapter 3 outlines the creative strategies this forceful generation will devise to deal with this first-ever long-lived, massive cohort. The Planning Resources at the end of each chapter offer helpful websites and other sources of information vital for forging ahead with the second half of life.