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(Live) Circular 230 Tax Ethics

Instructional MethodAdvanced PreparationProgram PrerequisitesField Of StudyLive WebinarNONEGeneral Understanding TaxationTaxationExperience LevelCourse IDCPE CreditsAuthorOverviewWR- 206.LW2Art Werner/Shelli Huston(Live) Circular 230 Tax EthicsCourse Description:This updated 2015 course will help th ...Read more
  • Description
Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
Live Webinar NONE General Understanding Taxation
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Overview WR- 206.LW 2 Art Werner/Shelli Huston

(Live) Circular 230 Tax Ethics

Course Description:

This updated 2015 course will help the practitioner to understand requirements, resolve dilemmas, and protect their clients to the full extent allowed by law. Circular 230 governs the practice of CPAs, attorneys, enrolled agents, actuaries, and appraisers before the IRS. The course will also discuss practice situations that are covered by other IRS policies and practices delineated in the Internal Revenue Manual. The instructor will also provide an in depth update on problems being encountered by the Internal Revenue Service and the impact on the professional community.

Who Should Attend: 
CPAs, Financial Advisors, EAs, RTRPs, and Tax Attorneys
Topics Covered: 
▪ IRS Office of Professional Responsibility
▪ Circular 230 as a summarization of treasury regulations
▪ Persons able to practice before the IRS
▪ Definitions of practice
▪ Furnishing information to the IRS
▪ Knowledge of a client’s omission
▪ Diligence to accuracy
▪ Reliance on other persons
▪ Unconscionable fees
▪ Client records in fee payment disputes
▪ Conflicting interests
▪ Best practices for tax advisors when providing written opinions
▪ IRS authority to disbar or suspend a practitioner
▪ Powers of attorney
▪ 2015 status of the Registered Tax Preparers
▪ 2014 and 2015 court cases impacting tax practice
Learning Objectives: 
⦁ Describe the purpose and responsibilities of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility
⦁ Evaluate actions taken in the representation of clients to determine if they are in compliance with Circular 230
⦁ Identify proper fee charges for clients in IRS practice issues
⦁ Express to their clients actions that are considered improper in the filing of tax returns and could result in the assertion of IRS penalties
⦁ Initiate a written tax opinion to a client
⦁ Understand the possible disciplinary actions that the IRS can assert against tax practitioners in specific ethical situations

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