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Future Financial Trends Facing The Financial Executive Part 1 (Live Webinar)

Instructional MethodAdvanced PreparationProgram PrerequisitesField Of Study On-Demand Webinar©NONENONEAccounting / Finance Experience LevelCourse IDCPE CreditsAuthorBasic FR-407.LW1 Accounting / 1 FinanceFrancis X. RyanFuture Financial Trends Facing The Financial Executive Part 1Course Descript ...Read more
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Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
 On-Demand Webinar© NONE NONE Accounting / Finance 
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Basic  FR-407.LW 1 Accounting / 1 Finance Francis X. Ryan

Future Financial Trends Facing The Financial Executive Part 1

Course Description:
Our financial and economic series is designed to take 50 key topics for financial executives and explore them in sufficient depth so that the CFO/Controller/Financial Executive can take away useful and practical recommendations dealing with the topic at hand. The programs are updated annually and do not need to be taken sequentially. The course explores the current economic trends and analyze their impact on you as the financial executive in areas professional skepticism, medical care costs, social security viability, the dollar as a world currency, the national infrastructure and the “fate of the states” as well as the AICPA’s top 10 trends and technologies. Specific recommendations and insights will be offered to you to deal with the challenges.

Who Should Attend:

Course Highlights:
• Professional skepticism and the CPA
• Becoming attuned to broad based business knowledge
• Becoming a futurist to effectively lead your organization to success

Learning Objectives:
1. CPA becoming attuned to broad based business knowledge, professional skepticism, and subordination of judgment
2. The future of medical care in the United States and impact on your employees and your costs
3. Future of social security and impact on retirement planning and employee retention
4. Impact on financial executive if the dollar is no longer the world currency
5. “Fate of the States” – will the location of your business make you less competitive
6. Future of workmen’s compensation
7. Future of interest rates
8. Impact of greater reliance on technology
9. AICPA top 10 trends and technologies
10. National infrastructure
11. Impact of continuing uncertainty in markets

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