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(LIVE) Behavioral Ethics (An Overview for All Accountants)

Instructional MethodAdvanced PreparationProgram PrerequisitesField Of StudyLive WebinarNONENONEEthicsExperience LevelCourse IDCPE CreditsAuthorOverview DJ-120.LW2Davis JacksonBehavioral Ethics (An Overview for All Accountants)Course Description In this course, we will define ethics and provide you ...Read more
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  • Description
Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
Live Webinar NONE NONE Ethics
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Overview  DJ-120.LW 2 Davis Jackson

Behavioral Ethics (An Overview for All Accountants)

Course Description In this course, we will define ethics and provide you with reasons you should be encouraged to continue educating yourself with the goal of achieving the highest standards of ethical conduct. The course will then discuss ethical reasoning and its application to common dilemmas that you may experience

Learning Objectives:
 Recognize the meaning of ethics.
 Identify steps that you can take to resolve ethical dilemmas.
 Recognize the core values of the CPA profession (integrity, objectivity and independence).

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