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(LIVE) Cash Flow Management

Instructional MethodAdvanced PreparationProgram PrerequisitesField Of StudyLive WebinarNONENONEManagement Advisory ServicesExperience LevelCourse IDCPE CreditsAuthorOverview MM-326.LW6Michael MorganCash Flow ManagementCourse Description: Cash is King. Cash makes the world go around. If I had the m ...Read more
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Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
Live Webinar NONE NONE Management Advisory Services
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Overview  MM-326.LW 6 Michael Morgan

Cash Flow Management

Course Description: 
Cash is King. Cash makes the world go around. If I had the money I would...etc,etc,etc. Any business wantinf to avoid bankruptcy MUST make solid cash management decisions. Many companies go broke each year while making a profit. Profit is measured on an accrual basis in accounting. This course guides you between profit and cash flow and the difference between them. We will also discuss the tools, techniques and the applications that will allow you to effectively manage and increase your cash flow, providing a more stable future for your company

Who Should Attend: CPAs

Topics Covered: 
Chapter 1 - Cash Stream
Chapter 2 - Cash Flow Analysis
Chapter 3 - Budgeting your Cash Flow
Chapter 4 - Auditing your cash accounts
Chapter 5 - Forecasting your cash flow while applying the best and worst case scenerio "What If's"
Chapter 6 - Managing the Dreaded Accounts Payables
Chapter 7 - Debts and Collections
Chapter 8 - Banking Reconciliation
Chapter 9 - When to Borrow
Chapter 10 - Getting Help

Learning Objectives:
• State the importance of cash flow.
• Differentiate between cash flow and Profit.
• Prepare a budget for Cash Flow.
• Conduct an Audit.
• Identify areas of concern after applying a "What If" analysis of your cash Flow
• Identify Account payables and develop a management system.
• Identify your debts and collections and develop a solid management system.
• Conduct a bank Reconciliation.
• Identify the "ups and downs" of Borrowing vs Money Market Funds.
• State the loan qualifications

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