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2017 Virginia Ethics

$79.00 each

Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
Live Webinar NONE NONE Ethics
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Overview SH-205.LW 2 Shelli Huston

This course will be made available JUNE 7th, 2017 1ST AIR DATE. ON THE LIVE WEBINAR SCHEDULE.
OnDemand Webinar will be available  June 14th.

2017 Virginia Ethics

Course Description:
Developed using the Virginia Board of Accountancy’s (VBOA) “Virginia-Specific Ethics Course Outline 2017” as the course framework, Virginia CPA Ethics: 2017 Required Course accomplishes the following fundamental objectives:

  • Updates CPAs on regulatory developments and provides guidance regarding the relevance of those laws, rules and regulations for their areas of interest and/or practice
  • Provokes thought and discussion among CPAs on the role and practical application of ethics within the profession

Who Should Attend: Licensed CPAs and individuals working in the accounting profession


  • Satisfies the 2017 VBOA Ethics CPE requirement and fulfills some requirements for the following jurisdictions:
    • Maryland: Satisfies 2 hours
    • North Carolina: Group study and self study versions satisfy 2 hours for CPAs licensed in Virginia and North Carolina who primarily work in Virginia
    • Washington, D.C.: Satisfies 2 hours
    • West Virginia: Satisfies 2 hours
  • Relevant to Virginia CPAs working in public practice, industry, government, nonprofits and academia
  • Uses case-based instruction to consider relevant ethical dilemmas
  • Studies common myths and misconceptions related to general ethics and provides a hierarchy of behavioral ethics
  • Update on VBOA changes for 2017, including licensing and CPE updates and new statutes
  • Includes handouts of actual VBOA enforcement cases (relevant to current trends)
  • Includes course materials which serve as reference resources

Learning Objectives:

This course challenges participants to apply ethics and relevant regulatory developments within their professional fields. To this end, participants will learn about:

  • AICPA Code
  • CPE exempt status
  • VBOA policy changes
  • Enforcement classes
  • VBOA CPE tracking system
  • Circular 230
  • SSARS No. 21
  • PCC


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