Corporate Fraud Investigators
CPE 2 | Auditing | Self Study

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Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
Interactive Self Study NONE NONE Fraud
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Overview  CM-301.19 2

Colleen Neuharth McClain, CPA

Corporate Fraud Investigators 

Course Description: 
This course is a 4 part series designed to help you understand the Audit Risk Factors and understand the challenges to implementation. During this course we will discuss a variety of issues facing the CPA's today such as the Inherent Risk, Control Risk, Detection Risk and Assessing Risk of Material Misstatements at the Overall Financial Statement Level. Wether your planning for an audit or performing the audit this course will help you prevent/find errors in the reporting process to protect you and your clients. At the end of this course you will have a better understanding of the planning, prevention process, have a better understanding of everyones roll in the implementation process and to continually analyze the procedures established to ensure the reporting process is being done correctly.