CPE for CPA Today - How to Select a Fiduciary
CPE 1 | Specialized Knowledge | Webinar

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Credits: 1 | Format: eBook | Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge | Author: Art Werner, Anthony Rocca
Qualifies For:  NASBA (CPE)   

Course ID: Advanced Preparation: Experience Level:  
WR-136.OD   None  Basic  
Published Date: Program Prerequisites: Other Course Formats:  
Mar 2020  Understanding in Management eBook | Webinar  

Course Description:

During this course, we will look at the questions you may want to ask a client. This will benefit your ability to better understand your clients' needs and the reason for his/her decisions. This allows you the ability to understand why they may or may not agree with some of your recommendations as well as possibly lead you to more options after understanding their needs. Knowing your clients' background will help you address there needs and concerns so when you put a financial plan together with them or advise them of potential asset protections this may both you and your client will have a clearer understanding.
Who Should Attend:

  • All Certified Public Accountants

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