Economic Rescue: 12-1 Waste Factor Part 3

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03 Government Auditing Davis Jackson
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Group Internet Based NONE NONE Basic

Course Description: 3 hour webinar
This seven-hour course explains how the Transfer-Payment funding method used for our Social Security and Medicare retirement annuities meets the Sarbanes-Oxley definition of fraud, creating the duty for us to help clients and the public identify and mitigate this fraud risk. We demonstrate that this funding method is the root cause of our unsustainable fiscal path. While conventional wisdom says we have only two options (raise taxes / cut benefits – which means guaranteed pain for every family and business in America), this course presents a genuine third option: remove the pain by eliminating the 12:1 waste factor imposed by the Transfer-Payment funding method. The course goal is to equip CPAs to break free of the brainwashing surrounding this topic and help clients and the public rescue our children and grandchildren from the crushing debt our current path is handing them.

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