FBAR Filing 1: What? Who? Steps

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Course ID: CPE Credits Field Of Study Author or Speaker:
EWTFM-T-01264-18-S  3 Credits   Taxes   Jean Mammen, EA
Instructional Method: Advanced Preparation: Program Prerequisites: Experience Level:
Interactive Self Study  None   None   Basic 


Course Description:

Today many people live or work outside their home country. Their tax and reporting situations can be complex. For legitimate reasons, or not-so-legitimate reasons, U.S. persons - citizens or residents, or entities - may have foreign bank and financial accounts or interests. And they may be required to report the foreign accounts to the U.S. Treasury, whether or not they must file a U.S. tax return. This course provides tax professionals with the know-how to help U.S. persons, citizens, residents, and entities, to carry out their filing obligations and avoid potentially severe financial penalties.

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