Financial Learning Skills for Younger Clients
CPE 1 | Specialized Knowledge | Webinar

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Credits: 1 | Format: eBook | Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge | Author: Art Werner
Qualifies For:  NASBA (CPE)    

Course ID: Advanced Preparation: Experience Level:  
WR-219.OD   None  Basic  
Published Date: Program Prerequisites: Other Course Formats:  
Mar 2020  Basic Understanding of Management eBook | Audio | Webinar  

Course Description:
Globalization, a changing job market, poor savings habits, and high rents and home prices are forcing young adults to stay in the “nest” well into their 30s. Even those who do initially leave often “boomerang” to the old homestead because of job, divorce, or financial problems.

Who Should Attend:

  • All Certified Public Accountants

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