Fundamentals of Accounts Payable: An Accountants Handbook

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Course ID: CPE Credits Field Of Study Author or Speaker:
MS-111.19  16 Credits   Accounting   Mary Schaeffer
Instructional Method: Advanced Preparation: Program Prerequisites: Experience Level:
Interactive Self Study  None   None   Basic 


Course Description: 


Learning Objectives

Understand why setting up the accounts payable function correctly is important

Detect potential problems when payments are made outside accounts payable

Build an effective naming convention

Delineate an effective process for entering data in the master vendor file ..... plus more

Program Content

Understanding the fundamentals of the accounts payable function is critical for any organization that wants to run an effective and efficient accounts payable function. Without this understanding, weak processes are permitted making fraud easier to commit. Duplicate payments increase and the function is not cost-effective. This course presents information the professional can use to create a strong process and implement effective function. Industry expert Mary Schaeffer shows auditors, controllers, and managers how proper processes in the accounts payable function strengthen controls and lead to an efficient and effective accounts payable function.

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