GASB Update

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Course ID: CPE Credits Field Of Study Author or Speaker:
MM-340.19  01 Credits   Accounting  Michael Morgan
Instructional Method: Advanced Preparation: Program Prerequisites: Experience Level:
 Group Internet Based   None   Basic knowledge of Accounting  Overview


Course Description:

To Understanding  and applying  the concepts presented in GASB 75 to 88 one must first become familiar with it. During this course we will discuss the main objectives of GASB No. 75  postemployment benefits other than pensions (OPEB) and the standards to which it establishes. 
We will discuss in detail the  recognition and disclosure requirements for employers with payables to defined benefit OPEB plans administrated through trust and address circumstances which a nonemployer entity provides financial support for OPEB of employees of another entity.


COURSE IS DESIGNED FOR:Accounting Professionals at all levels desiring to remain up-to-date

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