Internal Controls for Fraud in Small Businesses

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Course ID: CPE Credits Field Of Study Author or Speaker:
RM-305.19  3 Credits   Accounting  Dr. Robert Minniti
Instructional Method: Advanced Preparation: Program Prerequisites: Experience Level:
Interactive Self Study  None   None   Overview


Course Description:

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2018 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse small businesses suffer losses from fraud than larger businesses. Small businesses have specific risks because of a lack of resources, including the ability to have appropriate segregation of duties. Small business owners can become complacent and believe “Fraud can’t happen at my company.” This course is designed to familiarize participants of the fraud risks faced by small business. We will discuss the COSO Framework for Internal Controls. Specific examples of internal controls designed to help prevent and detect fraud in small businesses are provided. This course is designed to provide participants with immediately usable skills in designing antifraud internal controls for small businesses. 
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify risks of fraud in small businesses
  • Identify internal controls to help prevent fraud
  • Identify internal controls to help detect fraud
  • Design internal controls for a small business

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