Major Changes to Auditing Stds. Bd. Clarity Proj. SAS Nos. 122-131

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Course ID: CPE Credits Field Of Study Author or Speaker:
SF-209.19  8 Credits   Auditing  Steven Fustolo
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Interactive Self Study  None   None   Overview


Course Description:

This course explains the significant changes made to auditing standards by the Auditing Standards Board’s Clarity Project that resulted in the issuance of SAS Nos. 122-131. The course is written in a format that provides an overview by allowing the reader to review, recall and identify key provisions within the new standards.

After reading this course material, you will be able to:

• Recall the structure of the ASB Clarity Project and how each standard is segregated
• Identify categories of laws and regulations that are found in AU-C 250
• Identify the scope of communications an auditor should make with respect to noncompliance with laws and regulations
• Identify some of the different types of deficiencies in internal control found in a financial statement audit
• Identify the indicators that may suggest there is a material weakness in internal control
• Identify the information that should be included in a communication of certain deficiencies in internal control and more....................

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