Principles of Reinsurance
CPE 3 | Specialized Knowledge | Self Study

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Instructional Method Advanced Preparation Program Prerequisites Field Of Study
Interactive Self Study NONE NONE Specialized Knowledge
Experience Level Course ID CPE Credits Author
Overview PW-812 3 Paul J. Winn CLU ChFC

*** This course does not qualify for Insurance CE***


Principles of Reinsurance begins with a discussion of the origins and history of reinsurance in the life insurance and property & casualty industries.  It examines the types of reinsurance available in the current market and their uses in enabling management to achieve particular objectives.  The customary reinsurance agreements and their specific applications are discussed.  The operation of reinsurance is examined with respect to claims payment, changes in risk, duration of agreements, experience rating, supplementary coverages, and substandard issues, and the factors typically considered in a primary insurer’s establishment of retention limits are discussed.  In conclusion, the current reinsurance environment is examined and the regulation of reinsurance is discussed.