Self Directed IRAs
CPE 2 | Federal Tax Law | Self-Study

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BB-204.V/ EWTFM-T-01189-18-S  2  Taxes  Bradley Burnett
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Interactive Self Study NONE NONE Overview

Course Description:

Self-directed IRAs and other retirement arrangements are becoming more and more the rage and for good reason.  Fortunes are to be made and kept.  Or lost.  Plenty of tax and financial advisors lead both good, God-fearing and greedy clients down the path to disaster.

Examples (court cases, IRS rulings, and DOL ruling) of how to be or not to be (answering Shakespeare’s question) are piling up as to the dos and don’ts of self-directed retirement arrangements.  This course is for anyone desiring to learn the stunningly lucrative opportunities, compliance obligations and devastating pitfalls to avoid in the Self Directed IRA, Self Directed Roth IRA and Self Directed retirement plan contexts