Travel and Entertainment Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with IRS Regulations

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EWTFM-T-01437-19-S  1 Credits   Taxes  Mary Schaeffer
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 Interactive Self Study  None   None   Overview


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Complying with IRS Regs regarding expense reimbursements just got a whole lot harder. Organizations everywhere are eyeing the bottom line and insisting on rigid travel & entertainment policy compliance. The IRS is taking an equally harsh stance tightening the rules. Compliance must now be not only with the company policies but also IRS rules. Otherwise, you could end up answering not only to the CFO but also the IRS–and that can be truly ugly.
Guarantee your company is compliant with the latest travel & expense issues. Please join us for this special session where Mary Schaeffer, AP Now editorial direction and author 101 Best Practices for Accounts Payable.

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