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2 Business Management & Organization  Davis Jackson
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Group Internet Based NONE NONE Basic

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“An increase in the number of businesses, changing financial laws and regulations, and greater scrutiny of company finances will drive faster-than-average growth of accountants and auditors, ” reports the Department of Labor (DOL). In addition, in response to recent accounting scandals, new Federal legislation restricts the non-auditing services that public accountants can provide to clients. If an accounting firm audits a client’s financial statements, that same firm cannot provide advice on human resources, technology, investment banking, or legal matters, although accountants may still advise on tax issues, such as establishing a tax shelter. This requires the client in most cases to hire two separate firms to handle their annual accounting and financial services needs.
This course will review some of the causes and effects of the increasing demand for accountants. We will then review some of the steps that you and your firm can take to retain quality accountants and avoid the risk of accountant turnover within your organizations.

Who Should Attend: All CPA's

Topics Covered: 
Part I: History of the Accountant Profession
Part II: Additional Need for Growth
Part III: Effects of the Increasing Demand
Part IV: Competing with the Best
Part V: How to Prevent Accountant Turnover

Learning Objectives: 
• Recognize the causes of the increased demand for accounting and financial personnel 
• Identify with the effects of the increasing demand
• List what you can do within your organization to improve your chances of retaining quality accountants
• Identify the reasons the DOL believe the demand for accountants will increase so rapidly
• Recognize how the increase in demand will affect CPA’s and the organizations and clients they work with.
• Recognize the overall job opportunities for accountants based on the increase in demand.
• Identify what employers can do to increase their chances of being able to compete against other organizations for the most qualified accountants
• Recognize what will be required in a typical accounting firm as a result of the increase in demand for accountants
• List the first and most important step that you can do to improve accountant moral and retention periods
• Identify with the use of “Career Anchors”

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Davis Jackson

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